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Mounting, Laminating and Encapsulating Services

To compliment our large format Printing and Copying, we offer a range of optional in-house finishing services to greatly enhance and protect the printed copies.

Our large format production facility, affords us the space to professionally carry out our Mounting, Laminating and Encapsulating services.

We can machine mount onto most rigid boards including:

Foamboard (known as foam centre).
(6mm carried in stock, other sizes to order).
White foam PVC (known as forex or foamex).
(3mm & 5mm carried in stock, other sizes to order).
Correx Fluted board
Others: MDF and Pin board (for Maps)


Once mounted we can protect the printed face, by machine applying a clear lamination film, either MATT or GLOSS finish.

Edge Trimming

Edging can also be applied to a mounted board for both protection and decorative purposes.
For Foamboard an in-expensive tough plastic edge strip can be applied, available in black. Foamboard hangers available as an option.
Also available is an Aluminiuim Edge frame in brushed silver, complete with hanging brackets, this type of frame being mostly suited to more permanent wall mounted boards.


Plastic Encapsulation is the method of hot heat sealing a paper original between two layers of clear film.
We can encapsulate any original up to 40 inches wide by any length (which covers all paper sizes up to A0.)
As standard we use a heavier constructed medium weight film for large format originals - it lays flatter and greatly reduces the risk of damage to even very lightweight papers.
Encapsulated prints can be rolled for storage or easy transportation, we also offer two fixing options of, Self Adhesive Velcro tape or Window suckers.